Lately i have been experimenting with some new things like combining c++ dll made with gcc and giving Visual Studio interface to it or making personal audio logs (i always wanted to do this).

Other than this geekiness…

I recently finished a novel called ‘The Thief Lord’. I purchased this novel when i was in 7th or 8th grade, it was my first internet shopping. Now in 3rd year of my B.E., i finally managed to read it. In all these years, i tried to read it twice but only got half-way through (for second time i guess it was one-fourth ) and then i guess ‘much-more-important’ duties/responsibilities came upon me. So i had to abandon it.

The whole story takes place in and around Venice and since i have also been there ages ago, this novel always remained close to my heart.

Right now i am reading Contact by Carl Sagan. Its a sci-fi novel, its about when we human finally receive a message from E.T.I.

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Enjoy reading!!