Today after so many days i have something to write about. The seminar was conducted by CSI (btw its not “crime scene investigation” but Computer Society of India).

It was five hour long and broken up into 2 sessions.

In first session we were introduced with various aspects of cyber crime and its investigation. Different tools used by hacker to write malicious code. How normal user can be vulnerable online etc.

Second session – In this session were actually shown how scarier computer world can be. To become a computer hacker (read script kiddie) you don’t have to learn half-dozen programming language and understand brick to brick functioning of operating systems. All required resources can be easily obtained from simple Google search. Moreover you don’t even have to have any knowledge about computers to crack some-bodies account password, you just need good communication and manipulating skills.

Some of the topics that were discussed in detail were –

  1. Key loggers
  2. Password cracking
  3. Anonymity of online user
  4. Network Sniffing
  5. Piracy

Of course we were taught, how can we defend ourselves against such attacks. But at the end, its all up to us (as user) how we react at the moment, if we get caught in such situation.

Over all it was a nice event!!