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at home

Cheers everybody

Its so good to be at home. And if you thought you will be be able to escape daily errands then you are very wrong…

I was going to post earlier(about me packing,preparing for the trip to home) but i guess, you were saved from THE TORTURE because wordpress blocked my blog as my blog is known to be able to affect the life of the people in good/BAD ways.

Actually it was due to some fault on their part.

As soon as i found my blog was blocked, i mailed the people and they were prompt in replying – accepting it was their mistake and my blog is as safe and sound as ever.

Will post my little adventures at home (if i have any)

Enjoy holidays


here goes another sunday

last few days were awfully busy, with all those mock test going on in my college and on top of that assignment completion/submition. Though now college is over for this semester (except 1 – 2 classes left) two more mock test and file checking / assignments will be there in next week.

Today, i watched Clash of Titans movie with some of my  friends (which has striking similarity with percy jackson (even though it was awful movie)). This was my first 3D movie that i have ever watched in theater.

It is good movie but i felt it should have been a bit longer and last fight should definitley been longer.

I will rate it -> 3 out of 5 stars.

For past few days, i have been wondering how fast  days semester goes by. Now two years of my engineering are almost over and only two more are left.

…..  and so goes another sunday.