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Very ‘informative’ video

you must have always wondered – why? why when u make a wish, while looking at a shooting star doesn’t work.

Answer is in the video below.

As i said very informative, I liked the last part

just a sec…..guys.

i think i just saw a shooting sta..

oww shit!!


today was my second last exam and i can already feel like i am free from my nightmares. Now since my next (and last exam) is after two days(on monday) naturally i didn’t touch my book all day. Instead i went out with my friends.
First i spent all noon watching – kung fu panda (what a movie!!)/ghost story based on peter straubh novel,in the evening, i went out to hunt for some good mp3 player for my sister in the evening. Then we all friends gathered at some old-good-cheap diner.
Finally we all hanged around some bus stop near my college hostel for 45 min.

Now i gotta go and feed me with anything and everything about Massive Sink Hole in Guatemala (really scary!)

Now i just gotta survive these days and some how i feel that its going to be alright.

Today i saw prince of persia movie, it was O.K. but left me unsatisfied. As i am fan of this series i had lot of expectations from this movie…

BIGGEST Flaw -> over-simplistic plot

My exams are ending on 7th june and i will leave for home on 10th.

This will be one of the last posts of this semester. I am planning to post a short summary of this semester … even if  i am alone here (am i ?)  it  feels good to express myself and then read my own posts in future.

I know its been about 15 day, when i last posted here. Its just that i couldn’t bring my self to post here may be because i had nothing to post or i was too busy with preparations of  University Practicals. So this is just an update of my present days.

BTW now only one oral test is left. Which is day aflter tommorow and than on 18th is my  first written exam – maths subject. Than after a gap of 12 days, written exam (4) will resume from from 31st and continue on alternate day basis.

um.. thats all for now… must start preparing for oral test.


BGI (Borland Graphics Interface) is ancient as is turbo c++ IDE but nevertheless they are still used in our schools and colleges. Plus they do not work in windows environment (support for native DOS has been completely removed in windows vista/7).

But BGI is good for beginners because you don’t have to worry about whole new fancy functions,classes etc.

So few months back i was also searching for alternative to BGI (not supported on windows) and i found

  • open sdl
  • ogre

and some other but they were all very exotic.

So again, i was back on my quest and finally i stumbled upon WinBGI.

WinBGIm is BGI graphics library ported to computer by by Michael Main at the University of Colorado
Boon isn’t it!

Now it was ported to work with MinGW compiler (my favourite) but it may also work with other compilers such as – digital mars, borland compiler 5.5, intel c/c++ compiler etc.

Before i start, i must tell you that this guide is written in accordance with code::blocks IDE (its the best and its free, check out my previous posts). So if you are using some other IDE or none at all (command-line method) – you’ll need to link with the libraries explicitly. For example, to compile a program (“myprog.c“) that uses the BGI graphics, your compile command may look something like:

c:\programs\myprog> gcc myprog.c -lbgi -lgdi32 -luser32

Lets get started:

  1. First download WinBGIm from here
  2. Extract it.
  3. Copy graphics.h and winbgim.h files in include folder of your compiler directory
  4. Copy libbgi.a to lib folder of your compiler directory
  5. In code::blocks open Settings >> Compiler and debugger >>linker settings
  6. click Add button  in link libraries part and browse and select libbgi.a file
  7. In right part (ie. other linker options) paste commands given in read me.txt  (the winBGIm folder you downloaded)
  8. click Ok

Finally, when using BGI, remember that you first have to  use initgraph() before you can use any graphics. The WinBGIm library gives you an alternative as initwindow(). Heres example:

initwindow(x,y) //x and y are the dimensions of the window you want for graphics.

I hope, you found this guide helpful and incase you need my help just leave a message.

check out this site i found while wild surfing

Animal Intelligence — they’re smarter than you think….

Final Submissions

Today was 1st day of final submissions.

After paying 200 bucks for fine (because of less attendance), i was allowed to proceed with my submissions. So today i am done with two subject and one is left, will be done tomorrow.

I must say, this was my first time in whole 2 years of engineering that every thing went smoothly. I guess, i am getting hang of how-things work in college (better late than never).

Exam are coming…. fear is in the air.

here goes another sunday

last few days were awfully busy, with all those mock test going on in my college and on top of that assignment completion/submition. Though now college is over for this semester (except 1 – 2 classes left) two more mock test and file checking / assignments will be there in next week.

Today, i watched Clash of Titans movie with some of my  friends (which has striking similarity with percy jackson (even though it was awful movie)). This was my first 3D movie that i have ever watched in theater.

It is good movie but i felt it should have been a bit longer and last fight should definitley been longer.

I will rate it -> 3 out of 5 stars.

For past few days, i have been wondering how fast  days semester goes by. Now two years of my engineering are almost over and only two more are left.

…..  and so goes another sunday.

PIL Mock Oral Test

Tomorrow we have PIL (Microprocessor) Mock Oral Test from whole course and i had just started studing (may be 5 min??) that i felt, i must blogg about it.

Wish me best of luck.

8051 Assignments Array addition,Multiplication,Block Transfer

Write up of  Timer assignment of 8051