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Linux: Day 5

I am sorry!

I am sorry!

I am very sorry to tell you guys, i had to break my vow (anyway it was inevitable ). But it was for good cause ie., I had to pay electricity bill (we were already late).Now you will say what it has go to do with windows, for that i have very good reason. Their site won’t run on firefox (linux), so i had to log on to windows.

And once i opened windows i realised how much i missed my softwares like 3d max, photoshop, media monkey etc.

So now i have again reverted back to windows. But that doesn’t mean i am removing linux from my pc.

Linux will always remain my favourite Operating System. Once my favourite application get ported to linux i will definitely abandon Windows. But for now i am stuck with Windows.

For new computer users or “not so power user”, who don’t have any such dependence over any software will better be with Ubuntu.

In my case :-

  1. I can’t imagine myself doing without photoshop. Though there is a very similar program called Gimp (ITS FREE) available for linux users but that will be too much for me.
  2. I can’t manage my music collection without Media Monkey.
  3. Of course – games     (after all i am a would be game developer)

this list can go on… but i’ll stop here.



Linux: Day 4

Life is bliss!!

(at least for now) that all what i can say about using Linux. For normal user for whom computer is just for playing movies,listening music, using spreadsheets to do accounts,(minus commercial) games etc, (i think you got the idea) will find themselves right at home. And will be shocked how light is linux on system.

Here we go again –

My knowledge till now

  1. You can play ps one games to satisfy your appetite using pcsx or epsxe (using wine hq, runs flawlessly)
  2. You can also play many of windows games (of course with the help of wine hq) such as max payne (1 & 2) ,hitman (thats the only games i have tried till now. )
  3. Many c functions which we use on windows won’t run on linux (read my previous post).

I am having hard time finding alternatives for clrscr() and getch().

Its not like i haven’t found any thing, but solution ihave found seem very impractical or didn’t work at first place.

So my search continues……….

c u later

just got late by 1:43 hours and day changed, but take this post as 3rd day post.

sorry guy!! but today i was rather busy with other things so have nothing interesting to write about except i am trying to figure out how to install theme modifications in ubuntu.

And i must confess i am already missing windows but don’t think i have got soft or anything. Its just that i am missing photoshop which don’t run on linux so from now if i do use windows (of course not in this 10 day period)that will be for only photoshop.

I also tried ePSXe (playstation emulator) through wine and it worked nicely but couldn’t setup my gamepad to use with it.

later guys!!

Linux: Day 2

Man i love linux, whole day i have been ranting about it.

My knowledge till now:

  1. terminal (console) is the most powerfull tool of linux
  2. all critical actions can only be performed through root user
  3. some of know c header files won’t work on linux – as conio.h, process.h etc. (as they only work on windows)
  4. there is a big community to back you, if get you get stuck any where.
  5. many windows application can be run with help of wine hq. (can’t say anything about its stability or usability)

After intense 5 hours of searching, i finally fixed my sound driver problem.

Learnt how to add new harddisk partitions and mount them.

I am so excited with very idea of using linux that today i have been talking about it all the time. Told my friends – how linux is good in different areas and even offered them help with initial installation of ubuntu.


of course i haven’t used windows for 2 days. Its upto you want to believe me.


Linux: Day 1

Here on, instead of saying (writing) linux i will write ubuntu because thats the linux version i am using.

My knowledge till now –

  1. Ubuntu (or any other version of linux) is FREE!! and so are most programs available for it.
  2. Ubuntu is faster than windows
  3. There is nothing like “ubuntu is hard to learn”. But it has long learning curve but don’t worry there is a big community working 24/7 to help us and improve it.
  4. Installation is similar to windows installation
  5. It boots and shutdowns way faster than windows.
  6. There thousands and thousands free application available for it,just beyond few mouse clicks
  7. Manual installation of programs is a harder as compared to windows, but it could be just that we have got use to windows style of installing programs.
  8. Many of the your favorite programs  might not run on linux.
  9. But there is always some program available to replace windows counter part which could be better.
  10. Windows games will not run on linux.
  11. Every 6 months new version of ubuntu is released

At first sight of desktop of ubuntu, i got so immersed in it, that after using ubuntu for several hours, i realized that its sound is not working. Now i have been trying for past 2 hours to fix it but no success. This doesn’t mean that it won’t work on your system, just give it a try. google –> dual boot ubuntu with windows (XP/Vista) for guides to help you with installation or you can wait for my guide.

for now thats all

i have yet to fix my sound …


friends,in my last post i told u about, me installing linux (ubuntu) on laptop and now……….

i have decided to use only linux for atleast 10 days, so that i can have in depth idea about it. I haven’t removed vista though, but i am using dual boot menu (GRUB).

from now on i will be posting my daily experience with linux (its already one day due) for 10 days, this might also help you in trying linux.

I will soon post a step by step method to install ubuntu over vista operating system. You will not have to remove vista but keep both. After you try out, you can keep it as it is or remove it.

for now, check my next post for my first day with linux  …..