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CSI – cyber crime seminar

Today after so many days i have something to write about. The seminar was conducted by CSI (btw its not “crime scene investigation” but Computer Society of India).

It was five hour long and broken up into 2 sessions.

In first session we were introduced with various aspects of cyber crime and its investigation. Different tools used by hacker to write malicious code. How normal user can be vulnerable online etc.

Second session – In this session were actually shown how scarier computer world can be. To become a computer hacker (read script kiddie) you don’t have to learn half-dozen programming language and understand brick to brick functioning of operating systems. All required resources can be easily obtained from simple Google search. Moreover you don’t even have to have any knowledge about computers to crack some-bodies account password, you just need good communication and manipulating skills.

Some of the topics that were discussed in detail were –

  1. Key loggers
  2. Password cracking
  3. Anonymity of online user
  4. Network Sniffing
  5. Piracy

Of course we were taught, how can we defend ourselves against such attacks. But at the end, its all up to us (as user) how we react at the moment, if we get caught in such situation.

Over all it was a nice event!!


I had enrolled my self for java workshop which took  my precious last four weekends (sat-sun). I just can’t express how the very thought of coming free (hopefully!!) weekends is filling me with joy…

Nah! I am not complainting after all it was my decision to join the course but nevertheless it ate my four weekends, it could have been on anyother day like workingdays??

Lets talk about actual classes now..

I have to admit these classes were one of the best things that have happened lately, at least for me. They were very helpfull, they just didn’t help us in learning java only but tought us much more than that like – best coding practices, efficient coding style, new way of interpreting given scenario in terms of classes and objects. Actual essense of data hiding, inheritance, encapsulation. Before these classes, though i could define these terms by the book but never understood the underlying meaning of them, they all seemed same to me [ data hiding = encapsulation??]. The very meaning of object oriented was a bit shady. But now i can clearly see the difference. What an eye opener!!!

I really liked, how our instructor use to play small music tracks at the begining of each session. One more thing worth mention is his (instructor’s) way of teaching – just imagine attending a class of single subject for 6 hrs, scary isn’t it? but believe me, when i  say, we never felt bored or tired, thanks to sir’s small but effective stories and jokes..We all were immensely benifited by his industrial experience and feel pity for other who didn’t attend this workshop.

Let me sum it up again – this workshop wasn’t about learning Java language but how to program NICELY.

I am eagerly waiting for more such workshops organised by our college (ofcourse joining them will directly depend on cash in my pocket)

feeling. . sleepy..gotta go now

will be back soon…

I am back…

I reached the city, early in the morning around 7:00 am. I gotta say there is nothing like  pune’s weather.

Didn’t feeling like going to college on the very first day of my arrival though college has been opened for the last whole week. Spent most of the day at my room, saw horror movie – dark floors and just finished aliens in the attic. It’s a big accomplishment for me to see two movies in a day, as it normally take half or full week for me to watch the movie completely.

New semester starts from tomorrow (for me), i have a lot of plans and things to do. But i will start with paying college fees first thing tomorrow and i think, i will also join java workshop.

um.. that’s all for this post, will soon post about my little game project very soon…

I know its been about 15 day, when i last posted here. Its just that i couldn’t bring my self to post here may be because i had nothing to post or i was too busy with preparations of  University Practicals. So this is just an update of my present days.

BTW now only one oral test is left. Which is day aflter tommorow and than on 18th is my  first written exam – maths subject. Than after a gap of 12 days, written exam (4) will resume from from 31st and continue on alternate day basis.

um.. thats all for now… must start preparing for oral test.


Final Submissions

Today was 1st day of final submissions.

After paying 200 bucks for fine (because of less attendance), i was allowed to proceed with my submissions. So today i am done with two subject and one is left, will be done tomorrow.

I must say, this was my first time in whole 2 years of engineering that every thing went smoothly. I guess, i am getting hang of how-things work in college (better late than never).

Exam are coming…. fear is in the air.

PIL Mock Oral Test

Tomorrow we have PIL (Microprocessor) Mock Oral Test from whole course and i had just started studing (may be 5 min??) that i felt, i must blogg about it.

Wish me best of luck.

8051 Assignments Array addition,Multiplication,Block Transfer

Write up of  Timer assignment of 8051

ummm…right now all i can say is…. try to submit on time. mIND iT  “jUST tRY”

c u later

Day three Accoalde

Today was last day of accolade event.

Finally this time I reached college on time but as our committee had no more job, we helped others.

Todays event consisted of – IEEE paper presentation,BE Inter Project.

Following topics were discussed in paper presentation :

  • Google Wave      (was quite good)
  • Photovoltaic Cell
  • Firewall (distributed)         (boring as death)
  • E-nose
  • Surface Computing
  • SIFF  (don’t know what was that)
  • DRM
  • Tolerant Networks
  • UI
  • Artificial Gas Lift

Even though paper presentation was suppose to be software oriented only but as you can see, there were many topics unrelated to software. (fault on our part,i reckon).

In lunch break, we all (organising body,participants,judges,staff members) had nice meal in our very own chandralok garden.


Later at 4:00 pm there was prize distribution ceremony, our chief guest was Mr. Sanjay Mittal – General Director of BSNL (Indian government’s telecom organisation).

Then we had small photo session

As i said earlier, past few days were some of the best day in this semester. Had so much fun with friends, these memories are going to be with me until second-year-university-exam paranoia takes over.

If any of you my dear readers have any pics or videos related to accolade event please mail it me on

gagsays at gmail dot com

Second day – Accolade

day started with me being late as usual for college (this time by one hour). Today i was expected to put direction arrows, we printed yesterday, by 9:00 am but i reached college by 9:30 am.

So as soon as i entered our IT porch, i was greeted with …umm..lets just say, harsh words by xyz senior guy, who is in charge of all printing stuff. Then i was given 10 mins time to put all arrows printouts in places….or

……..more 10 mins.

Then with great help of my friends i finally completed the job. apologized to the same senior guy after all he is my good friend now i can name him – Vinayak.

Todays event were :

  • IEEE paper presentation
  • gaming


I attended few paper presentaion by students from various colleges. Some of the topics discussed were :

  • cyborgs- bettles
  • natural refrigrants

i feel participants chose good topics, i mean diversity. But even then it didn’t felt right. Some thing was wrong, be it – presentation style, material or simply boring…

In lunch break we had lunch (duh!), yeah but did i tell you that we (voulnteers) were provided with free coupons for meal.

lunch was ….ummm            OK. Had idli-sambhar and of course chutney. (If you didn’t get my previous word, then i suppose you aren’t indian so never mind just use

Afterwards, we had more presentations. This time in two classes simultaneously. At IT porch small gaming booths were in full swing held by Anurag and Debu.

Around 3-4 pm it started raining, such a relief.

When we were done with events, we all ITians and teachers gathered in a classroom, first i thought it was going to be some anouncement or some thing.

but i was totally wrong (its good tobe wrong sOmEtImEs)!

We all had nice (one hour) session of anatkshri (musical game??), teachers (were made to sing??) sung few songs and then it was soon a solo battelfield.

I started it with a song ‘Nishaan’ by noori band.

Then there were some more solo performances by seniors and some of my friends – Abhijeet, Prajwal. And i sung one more song Zindagi by ganesh hegde.

and then we all gathered at IT porch  as it was still raining. There our H.O.D. told us to come in formals tomorrow.

I will post some images and videos later.

till then


(have to arrange some formal clothes for tommorow, as our laundry is closed for past 2 days)