hello friends

I am Gagan Deep Singh a.k.a gagsays (just google it!), student of MIT college, Pune, doing B.E. in I.T. (second year).I belong to Agra, “the city of great Taj” ;->.

I did my schooling from Air Force School,Agra. (No! we were not  allowed to fly planes.). I was also in scindia school (Gwalior) for two years ie., 7 & 8th grade.
My hobbies are photoshopping, programming, net surfing, gaming(now occasional), listen sufi music, reading, singing, swimming, macro photography…………

So basic facts about me

  • I am a complete vegetarian (if you exclude egg).
  • I am not available on any social site such as orkut or facebook (do we need such a medium to communicate with our friends, when we can meet them in college or talk to them on phone.)
  • I am atheist.
  • Would be game developer (please pray it works out.)
  • Lastly a FRIEND.

I have started this blog to share my knowledge about programming,software,resource web-sites and lastly my thoughts. No doubt there are a lot of blogs or site for these very purpose. But let me do it in my own style, i have seen in my friend circle,that they are not aware of many basic things about computer and there is no question about PC maintenance (don’t get me wrong guys).

Many a times, people react like i have done something great but really it could be nothing or not that worthy. I am not saying that i don’t like appreciation, but appreciation for nothing just feel hollow.


My goals

Short-term goals are :-

  • To score good marks in this semester.
  • To learn 3d-max upto intermediate level
  • Do more photoshoping
  • Improve my lifestyle regarding time management
  • Follow some strict time table
  • Read Wordpower

Long term goal :-

  • Make my parents proud.
  • To become known gamer.
  • Join some reputed game development house.

Thank you for bearing me for so lonnnnnnnnmgggggg…………