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Lately i have been experimenting with some new things like combining c++ dll made with gcc and giving Visual Studio interface to it or making personal audio logs (i always wanted to do this).

Other than this geekiness…

I recently finished a novel called ‘The Thief Lord’. I purchased this novel when i was in 7th or 8th grade, it was my first internet shopping. Now in 3rd year of my B.E., i finally managed to read it. In all these years, i tried to read it twice but only got half-way through (for second time i guess it was one-fourth ) and then i guess ‘much-more-important’ duties/responsibilities came upon me. So i had to abandon it.

The whole story takes place in and around Venice and since i have also been there ages ago, this novel always remained close to my heart.

Right now i am reading Contact by Carl Sagan. Its a sci-fi novel, its about when we human finally receive a message from E.T.I.

If you are from India and want to buy books online then check out these two sites


I personally prefer as they offer more discount than flipkart and plus their service is also good. But if you can’t find the required book on infibeam then try flipkart. And the best part is they both offer free shipping with-in India.

Enjoy reading!!


If you have been using computers (windows) for more than one day and had to use some usb drive. Then I am sure you must have faced this problem of ‘not being able to safely remove USB drive’. And if you are like me who has to do lots of data transfer then this must be a major cause of frustration.

I wonder, if windows can detect that some application is using the drive, then why can’t it handle itself or atleast report us which application is the culprit. But no… windows has its own way irritating us.

In such situation we are left with 2 options :

  • Shutdown the computer, remove the drive and restart the computer.
  • Use brute force i.e. remove the drive forcefully, regardless of windows warning.

Now first option seems safest but its very time consuming. Plus if you think putting computer into hibernation or logging off-on will help, then you are wrong.

And second option is somewhat risky, though i have (may be you too) used it on many occasions when i just can’t stand, rebooting my pc all over again and wait for my programs to reload. This hasn’t cause any major trouble  except some time this can corrupt your drive’s filesystem and then you have to run chkdisk on the drive.

But now you can add a third option to your list.

Following applications will allow you to deal with the problem

  1. Safely Remove (not free)
  2. Unlocker (free)

Besides helping with ejecting drives Unlocker also helps you in deleting some locked files which you never created.

I hope this will reduce the time, you spend swearing and kicking your computer.

Happy Computing.

I had enrolled my self for java workshop which took  my precious last four weekends (sat-sun). I just can’t express how the very thought of coming free (hopefully!!) weekends is filling me with joy…

Nah! I am not complainting after all it was my decision to join the course but nevertheless it ate my four weekends, it could have been on anyother day like workingdays??

Lets talk about actual classes now..

I have to admit these classes were one of the best things that have happened lately, at least for me. They were very helpfull, they just didn’t help us in learning java only but tought us much more than that like – best coding practices, efficient coding style, new way of interpreting given scenario in terms of classes and objects. Actual essense of data hiding, inheritance, encapsulation. Before these classes, though i could define these terms by the book but never understood the underlying meaning of them, they all seemed same to me [ data hiding = encapsulation??]. The very meaning of object oriented was a bit shady. But now i can clearly see the difference. What an eye opener!!!

I really liked, how our instructor use to play small music tracks at the begining of each session. One more thing worth mention is his (instructor’s) way of teaching – just imagine attending a class of single subject for 6 hrs, scary isn’t it? but believe me, when i  say, we never felt bored or tired, thanks to sir’s small but effective stories and jokes..We all were immensely benifited by his industrial experience and feel pity for other who didn’t attend this workshop.

Let me sum it up again – this workshop wasn’t about learning Java language but how to program NICELY.

I am eagerly waiting for more such workshops organised by our college (ofcourse joining them will directly depend on cash in my pocket)

feeling. . sleepy..gotta go now

will be back soon…