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any idea??

no-no no … it’s not that …………….  its an unsophisticated, non-wireless, non-ergonomical,non – ps/2 .. and lot of  more non(s) ..  USB KEYBOARD.

You won’t believe me, i must have visited about ten computer shops and not a single one had a decent USB KEYBOARD … now guys i am not asking for anything exotic or mumbo jumbo – just plain old USB keyboard.

way to go pune… yay!!!

will post when i get one and i am enjoying my dual screen computer environment.

UPDATE : Finally got one at the most unlikeliest place a shopping mall – Central


I am back…

I reached the city, early in the morning around 7:00 am. I gotta say there is nothing like  pune’s weather.

Didn’t feeling like going to college on the very first day of my arrival though college has been opened for the last whole week. Spent most of the day at my room, saw horror movie – dark floors and just finished aliens in the attic. It’s a big accomplishment for me to see two movies in a day, as it normally take half or full week for me to watch the movie completely.

New semester starts from tomorrow (for me), i have a lot of plans and things to do. But i will start with paying college fees first thing tomorrow and i think, i will also join java workshop.

um.. that’s all for this post, will soon post about my little game project very soon…

Holidays are over

I just can’t believe how fast holidays have ended. I think, one  more week would have been nice but since i am already joining college 1 week late that makes it.… Spent most of the time at home (like 96%), did some car driving practice (still need to work on clutch driving), and learned opensdl (open simple direct-media layer )

Ever since i started playing video games, i thought of making one but just couldn’t put that into action. Finally this time, i begun with a humble beginning – simple puzzle game. Though i am still learning open sdl but now i have better idea about my game.

will post more about my game development later…