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Luv Kush (YAIMAM)

YAIAM – Yet Another Indian Mythology based Animated Movie

Yesterday i attended a seminar organised by RVML Production House making Luv Kush Movie and ARENA (some animation art school) agra.¬† As i want my career in game development, i thought attending this might be helpful…

While we were waiting in the hall for Art director and Producer to arrive, some teacher from ARENA was trying hard to entertain us.
Soon Art director and Director/Producer joined us and the show begun with ARENA student showing small projects “for which they have worked very hard – day n night”. I don’t have a clue about how can somebody require HARD WORK and lots of days to make such cheap projects.

They showed us claymation,stop motion and finally flip book animation. One can wonder where is the digital animation after all that must be the major part of ARENA course. Their instructor had to explain to the audience in each movie clip – what was going on?…
Now isn’t animation supposed to be self-explanatory or if they were trying to be all mysterious … if that’s the case then let me tell you, that’s not the way, how seminars work.

I had camera on my mobile but i couldn’t snap the crap.

Then they show us their movie trailers – Luv Kush and kept ranting that its the highest/the biggest/the largest budget movie.
Then they played the five tracks from the movie – exclusively for us.

Afterwards there was QA session:
Some of the good queries were
Audience] Why all indian animated movie have to be based on indian mythos?
Answer] Because mythos sells and thats how we can bring audience to the cinemas.

Audience] Where does Indian animation industry stand in today’s world?
Answer] In beginners phase…this is highest budget movie about INR 25 crores

Audience] How did you guys spend that huge amount of money on this project?
Answer] ……

I genuinely hope, their movie works

As for ARENA students god help them¬† (seriously…How?… lot of hard work and time)



at home

Cheers everybody

Its so good to be at home. And if you thought you will be be able to escape daily errands then you are very wrong…

I was going to post earlier(about me packing,preparing for the trip to home) but i guess, you were saved from THE TORTURE because wordpress blocked my blog as my blog is known to be able to affect the life of the people in good/BAD ways.

Actually it was due to some fault on their part.

As soon as i found my blog was blocked, i mailed the people and they were prompt in replying – accepting it was their mistake and my blog is as safe and sound as ever.

Will post my little adventures at home (if i have any)

Enjoy holidays

Very ‘informative’ video

you must have always wondered – why? why when u make a wish, while looking at a shooting star doesn’t work.

Answer is in the video below.

As i said very informative, I liked the last part

just a sec…..guys.

i think i just saw a shooting sta..

oww shit!!

today was my second last exam and i can already feel like i am free from my nightmares. Now since my next (and last exam) is after two days(on monday) naturally i didn’t touch my book all day. Instead i went out with my friends.
First i spent all noon watching – kung fu panda (what a movie!!)/ghost story based on peter straubh novel,in the evening, i went out to hunt for some good mp3 player for my sister in the evening. Then we all friends gathered at some old-good-cheap diner.
Finally we all hanged around some bus stop near my college hostel for 45 min.

Now i gotta go and feed me with anything and everything about Massive Sink Hole in Guatemala (really scary!)