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Now i just gotta survive these days and some how i feel that its going to be alright.

Today i saw prince of persia movie, it was O.K. but left me unsatisfied. As i am fan of this series i had lot of expectations from this movie…

BIGGEST Flaw -> over-simplistic plot

My exams are ending on 7th june and i will leave for home on 10th.

This will be one of the last posts of this semester. I am planning to post a short summary of this semester … even if  i am alone here (am i ?)  it  feels good to express myself and then read my own posts in future.


I know its been about 15 day, when i last posted here. Its just that i couldn’t bring my self to post here may be because i had nothing to post or i was too busy with preparations of  University Practicals. So this is just an update of my present days.

BTW now only one oral test is left. Which is day aflter tommorow and than on 18th is my  first written exam – maths subject. Than after a gap of 12 days, written exam (4) will resume from from 31st and continue on alternate day basis.

um.. thats all for now… must start preparing for oral test.